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November 4th, 2009

FTV Girls Isobel is a cutie from the east coast of the United States. She has that cutie innocent type look about her. She strikes me as the kind of girl your more likely to see in church than getting super freaky on a hardcore porn website. But this being FTV Girls you better believe that Isobel gets super freaky!

ftv girls more-isobel ftv girls more-isobel

See Isobel Panty Stuffing Here!

ftv girls more-isobel ftv girls more-isobel

After some great outdoors scenes and some public flashing Isobel takes the action into the FTV Girls compound where we get to watch her strip down revealing her tight young body. Feeling a little randy while she is stripping she stuff herself with her panties scrunching them up and getting them all the way into her pussy before slowly pulling them out inch by inch. She follows this hot teasing action by bringing herself to multiple orgasms with a pair of huge pink vibrators. The action is hot and you have to watch the vids as her little pussy wraps tightly around the huge vibrators!

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Lina for FTV Girls

February 20th, 2009

Lina is doing her First Time Video shoot on a busy street, and the crew is surprised when instead of masturbating herself, she expresses interest in their assistant, Danielle. Things heat up pretty quickly and before ya know it, they’re fingering each other and playing with breasts while deep kissing, all on camera, of course! Witness Danielle’s girl-girl debut as she goes down on Lina and waits for Lina to return the favor.

ftv girls lina ftv girls lina

Check out Lina and Danielle from FTV Girls

ftv girls lina ftv girls lina

This FTV Girls shoot has captured it all so I am sure there is something for everyone to enjoy. Toy play? Check! Foot fetishes? Check! Anal play? Check! Oral sex? Check! Double penetration? Check! Naturally hairy bush? Check! Ohhhh, but there is so much more for you to enjoy that you will just have to see for yourself! This is a photo shoot that you will not want to miss so no more wasting time, go see for yourself!

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Katelynn for FTV Girls

September 2nd, 2008

19 year old Katelynn is a true amateur, who had never been shot nude before, and FTV Girls did her the honors. After all, that’s what FTV stands for: First Time on Video, and they just couldn’t help themselves after laying eyes on this cute blonde… they had to have her web-cherry! But for being her first time, Katelynn wasn’t shy at all. On the contrary, this chick was shockingly open-minded about her sexuality and she just couldn’t wait to get butt naked for the camera, and to please herself with her own fingers and toys.

ftv girls katelynn ftv girls katelynn

Watch Katelynn’s Screaming Orgasms

ftv girls katelynn ftv girls katelynn

Unlike professional porn girls, these amateur cuties enjoy what they do, and instead of just going thru the motions, they will do whatever it takes to reach an orgasm; and Katelynn was no exception.

It is amazing how horny she was in the first place and how eager to fuck herself. She must’ve been dying to cum and boy, did she make herself orgasm! She shoved her fingers so deep into her pussy, that watching her video you’ll think she’ll break something in there, and then she grabbed hold of a dildo and slammed it into both her vagina and her asshole so fast and furiously, that the toy almost disappeared inside her! Do I have to tell you about the screaming climax she reached? Amazing… simply amazing!

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Luisa for FTV Girls

August 24th, 2008

I couldn’t tell you what I find hotter, the fact that FTV Girls’ Luisa is being hand-fed a banana (and you know where the rest of the bananas in that bunch are going to end up) by soon to be topless Alison Angel, or that Luisa’s so fucking horny that just one dildo won’t suffice and she has to please herself with at least two at a time. Hmm… let me think… no, couldn’t tell you! But since we’ve seen plenty of veggie fucking here before, let me lead your mind towards the double dildo action. I know you won’t object!

ftv girls luisa ftv girls luisa

Watch Luisa Massage Her Fat Clit!

ftv girls luisa ftv girls luisa

Luisa is the type of girl who has a killer body and she knows it, so she’s more than willing to show it and to play with her assets while the camera is rolling. She makes her big natural boobs bounce, and her also big and also natural butt wiggle, and then she lays down and shoves a whole 8 inches of plastic cock in her pussy while massaging her fat clit with a smaller vibrator… after cumming really hard from all the clit stimulus, she then turns things around and shoves her vibrator in her asshole, keeping her pink dildo always inside her vagina. Can I get a woot-woot for Luisa?

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Renna for FTV Girls

July 8th, 2008

If I had to recommend a single girl to you from all the hot little sluts at FTV Girls, that would be Renna. She’s pretty, she’s got a killer body and she’s got one of those pussies that trick you. You read it right, I said “trick”… Renna’s twat looks so small and dainty at first glance that you’d think it’s never seen a cock, but once she spreads her legs and pulls her pussy lips open, that thing shows its true colors, and you can tell that vagina has seen more dicks than the men’s bathroom at your local train station.


FTV Girls Renna

Obviously with a pussy with such “capabilities”, the guys at FTV Girls had to put it to good use, and they got Renna to do wonders with it! She starts out by doing some manual labor, and shoves her fingers, fist and almost her elbow in her shaved cookie box! Man, that cunt is stretchy… this babe got her entire fist in it with no effort, and you could tell she could’ve gone even deeper! But if watching Renna plug her twat with her hand is not enough for your inner pervert, don’t dismay: she also fucks herself with a long blue vibrator, a glass dildo and even her curling iron. Talk about diversity!

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Raylene for FTV Girls

March 31st, 2008

OMFG – Are you guys still coming here to check out the super freaks at FTV Girls Rock. I have had a hell of a winter and neglected this poor site. It is good to see that some of you are still checking out the hot squirting, fisting and extreme action of the babes from ftv girls. I am going to get back into updating the site weekly and bring you all the babes you can handle. For today let me show you Raylene

ftv girls raylene ftv girls raylene

See all of Raylene’s FTV Videos now

ftv girls raylene ftv girls raylene

If this little hottie looks new to you it is because she has never posed nude professionally before. She really is a first time video ftv girl. hahaha! She has a nice pair of tits and shows them and that fine ass of hers off in public. Later she moves indoors for lots of masturbation action where she fucks herself with the massive red vibrator shown among other things. Until next time fellas. Happy wanking!

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FTV Girl Ava and a Big Red Dildo

August 18th, 2007

This photo gallery and the videos are from Ava’s second shoot with FTV Girls. She has since come back for a third shoot which I will include in a future update here. By taking one look at her it is easy to see why the fans keep voting for her to come back. She is hot. She has great boobs and a cute smile. But I doubt her boobs and smile are the only reason why she has become so popular. Nope – I know the real reasons.

ftv girls ava ftv girls ava

Ava rides the big red dildo and cums

ftv girls ava ftv girls ava

Ava’s big red dildo is one of the reasons why the fans keep voting to have her come back. But big dildos are not the only reason Ava is a hit with the fans. She is into everything large. Ava will masturbate with just about anything she can put her hands on. In one of the recent photo galleries and videos I was watching Ava masturbated with a curling iron. Amazingly she put all ten inches of the curling iron inside of herself.

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FTV Girls Kimber

May 18th, 2007

Big Dildos, Gushing Orgasms, Double Penetration, The Big Ten Dildo, The FTV Monstor Dildo, Public Nudity and Masturbation — What do they all have in common? They are all things that we get to see FTV Girls Kimber explore and experience in her latest photo and video shoots with the crew from FTV Girls.

ftv girls kimber ftv girls kimber

Double Penetration gives Kimber a gushing orgasm!

ftv girls kimber ftv girls kimber

That’s right freaks and sex addicts I am back with another update! This one will be short and sweet. I know you; you want to see Kimber (the hottie in these pictures) fill both her holes with vibarators; you want to hear her explode with a massive squirting orgasm; you want to watch her grimace as she tries to ride the “Big Ten” dildo. Of course you do. You have a fucking cock and a heart beat and want to pound one out now! So stop wasting your time reading this and get in there and watch Kimber’s videos now!

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FTV Girls Alicia

January 31st, 2007

All right all you perverts and super freaks. It has been a while – to fucking long – since I have updated here at FTV Girls Rock. Sorry about that boys and girls. Hopefully this post of Alicia Angel is some small consolation. I know you like it freaky and like so many of the FTV Girls Alicia is a hardcore freak. This is one girl who is not afraid of the biggest dildos and raises fisting to a whole new art form!

ftv girls alicia ftv girls alicia

Watch Alica squirt on video as she fist her ass!

ftv girls alicia ftv girls alicia

How big a freak is Alicia? Well check out the video in which she shoves three – that’s right three – dildos into her cooter. Or check out the video when she sits on the ‘big ten’ dildo and takes it all the way to the bottom with all 10 thick inches crammed into her pussy! Or check out the video where she squirts twice while masturbating with a huge dildo in her ass! In short – if you want to see what a freak she is watch the damn videos people! I can only show so many pics here and can’t show video.

FTV Girls now has 310 super freaky girls!

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