FTV Girls Maura

October 27th, 2006

Ok – enough with the cutie innocent girls like Alison Angel and lets get back to the regular FTV Girls who like to get super freaky. So lets get right into it fast with some insane fisting, squirting and masturbating with vegetables – a zuchinni. Believe it or not this shoot with FTV Girls is the first time that Maura was ever naked on video. And luckily for us she did much more than just get naked!

ftv girls maura ftv girls maura

See Maura squirt after zucchini masturbation!

ftv girls maura ftv girls maura

In addition to the fisting, squirting and zucchini masturbation Maura like her toys. And she doesn’t like just any toy. She took on the FTV Big Ten monster dildo. If I had not watched the video myself I would not have believed that a girl with as petite a frame as Maura would actually be able to ride the Big Ten Monster. But after a little squirming and wiggling she is able to ride the entire thing to multiple squirting orgasms!

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FTV Girls Estelle

September 11th, 2006

For those who like extreme insertions FTV Girl Estelle must be their wet dream. She is out of control. She gets funky with some of the FTV extreme toys. She takes all of the “big ten” dildo as if it were a tooth pic. From there she gets into fisting with the camera man. But there is nothing that unique to fisting and the “big ten” for the FTV Girls but here is where Estelle proved that she can take things to the limit and push the extreme limits. She takes on the FTV “Monster”. It is the biggest dildo imaginable. And you know what. She is able to insert the entire monster into herself. It took alot of work as you will see for the grimaces on her face in the video but she did it!

ftv girls estelle ftv girls estelle

Watch Estelle masturbate with two 14inch zuchinis

ftv girls estelle ftv girls estelle

However Estelle doesn’t stop with dildos. To Estelle the produce aisle at the local super market must look like a porn novelty store. Let me tell you. Estelle gets her vegetables but not in the way that you or I do. Nope – FTV Girls Estelle takes two 14inch – yup 14inch – zuchinis and double penetrates herself with them. That is right – I am talking estreme insertion. She put a 14inch zuchini in her pussy and another in her ass. Don’t believe me? Then check out the video for yourself. But be forewarned – Estelle takes it to the limits and beyond.

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FTV Girls Rebecca

August 23rd, 2006

Now this tight little blond named Rebecca from FTV Girls is one hell of a crazy chick. She gets into the most deviant and extreme sexual practices. Even by FTV Girls standards Rebecca pushes the boundaries. It seems that she gets most turned on by anal play. I say that becuase in one of the videos, the one were she puts four fingers into her ass, she cums so hard that she squirts girl cum neatly four feet!

ftv girls rebecca ftv girls rebecca

See Rebecca squirt during anal masturbation

ftv girls rebecca ftv girls rebecca

But with Rebecca she gets into alot more anal play than just four fingers and squirting orgasms. You will see on the video that she also was able to shove all ten inches of the FTV Girls famous “big ten monster” into her ass. She starts off taking it doggies style and then moves into position to ride it to another squirting orgasms. And at that point she is just getting started. As you can see from these pics what Rebecca has some very interesting uses for the condiments she found at the FTV Girls campus!

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Alison Angel and Kata

July 7th, 2006

This FTV Girls episode with Kata and Alison Angel Rocks! It is all shot in Portugal so the back drops and scenery are perfect for some beautiful pics. Of course the girls are also beautiful and it is the pics and videos of them that we are really interested in!

Kata is fucking gorgeous! She has a super tight tan and toned body amazing eyes. She also has a sweet shaved pussy that is craving for attention. And trust me she and Alison make sure that her pussy gets lots of attention. ;-)

ftv girls kata_alison_angel ftv girls kata_alison_angel

Watch Alison Angel fuck Kata with a cucumber now!

ftv girls kata_alison_angel ftv girls kata_alison_angel

What type of attention does Kata’s pussy get? It gets lots and lots of masturbation, toys and more. In the first set of pics and videos she masturbates in public at a bus stop! It is then back to the house with a vibrator and a loud screaming orgasm that cause her entire body to convulse and shake. However, in true FTV Girls style it is the videos of the extreme insertions that will bring you to the edge of your seat. What type of extreme insertions you are asking yourself. Well, the pics above give you just a small taste – no pun intended of course! In addition to the pics and the videos we get to watch Alison use two huge cucumbers to fuck Kata’s perfect pussy!

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FTV Girl Paulette Fisting

April 27th, 2006

Paulette breaks new ground in her photo gallery and videos with FTV Girls. It is no wonder that in one of her photo shoots she dressed up wearing a devil outfit. Why? Because Paulette breaks all the rules. She is able to ride the famous FTV Monster Dildo. It is not in these pictures because it has to be seen to beleived. At 15 inches the monster dildo makes the one in these pictures look tiny. Paulette is also into fisting and is able to insert her entire fist into her pussy. Who would think that fisting is her preferred method of masturbation! She gets into it so much that she has two squirting orgasms. But her riding the 15 inch monster dildo and her fisting squirting orgasms are not the reason that I think the devil costumne is appropriate. Read why below.

ftv girls paulette ftv girls paulette

See how many squash Paulatte can fit in her pussy!

ftv girls paulette ftv girls paulette

The devil outfit for Paulette is appropriate because of the extreme inserstions that Paulette does in the videos for FTV Girls. First she takes a water bottle and inserts it into her pussy. After masturbating with the water bottle she takes two – yup two – toys (the big ten monster dildo and a vibrator) and inserts them into her pussy at the same time. Extreme enough for you? Well if even that is not enough extreme insertion for you than wait until you see the squash and zucchini insertions! As you can see in the pictures above she is able to insert the entire squah into her pussy – even including the wide end. However what I can’t show you in the gallery is how many squash she can jam into her pussy. I’d show you but it is only believable when you see her do it live on video. I’ll give you a small hint though. The number is more than two!!

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FTVGirls Jessica Panty Insertion

April 22nd, 2006

Jessica Jessica Jessica – Let me tell you about Jessica. She may look nice and innocent but when Jessica shot the movies and videos for ftvgirls she was anything but innocent. Things started off slowly with Jessica modeling different lingerie for the camera. She looks especially hot in black hose and garters. As the modeling winds down Jessica masturbates and uses a vibrator until she comes. However the real raunchy action is still to come.

ftv girls jessica ftv girls jessica

Preview Jessica’s pussy stuffing on ftvgirls now!

ftv girls jessica ftv girls jessica

Later in the day Jessica heads to the bedroom for another masturbation video shot. As she gets turned on she does something that I found to be rather extreme. She took her panties, cute pink panties, and stuff them all the way into her pussy. While ftvgirls always has some extreme insertions to see the ease in which Jessica was able so shover her pantis up her pussy was shocking. After she removes them she uses a speculum to show you deep inside her. She finally ends the video shot by riding the ftvgirls biggest dildo – the monster dildo. At more than 6 inches in diameter at its base it’s amazing to see her fit in all the way into her pussy.

Use caution when watching the extreme insertions.

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